Saturday, 13 October 2012

Holiday Fun

Enjoying the saucer swing - Dad's got a heavy hand.
You gotta love Taupo!!  We took the kids out of school for a week before the holidays and it was bliss.
There was no agenda, schedules or expensive plans.
Our mission was to have plain simple fun on a budget and to enjoy spending uninterrupted time together as a family.
Taupo is our favourite place and this time around the weather was fab - u- lous. We stayed at our regular timeshare destination and as usual the complex facilities managed to keep everyone nicely entertained.
Mum and Dad even managed to get a couple of sleep in's - those older and wiser than us are not wrong when they tell us to enjoy our kids while they are young, and that it will get easier.
It was only a few short years ago that holidays were a frenetic time, and the holiday was not so much a holiday but a change of scenery.
It was also the first holiday that Matthew has had with us in Taupo for several years. It was wonderful to have him 100% to ourselves free from work.
He had a blast.
Taking the kayaks out for the first time - ever
Getting organised
Hannah had a blast with her Dad

Spa pool time always a favourite

A new sculpture just outside Taupo.

We spent a couple of afternoons over at Kinloch,  just love this place. We discovered it about 5 years ago - after nearly 25 years of holidaying in Taupo, I didn't know it existed. We stumbled across it one day when touring around in the boat.
Is is like another stepping inside another world. Whangamata bay is a sheltered spot and from the shores of Kinloch looking across the water, you feel like you're the only ones on earth.
Each time we went over, the kids were compelled to strip down to their undies and dive into the COOL   ( Daina's dictionary definition -  freezing!!) lake - they weren't bothered and had a blast.

Such simple pleasures and one of our most memorable holidays.

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