Friday, 12 October 2012

The story behind Upbow Sewdown...

My wee label for homemade goodies
So...about 18 months ago I stumbled across the amazing world of bloggers. Since then I have invested way. too. much. time browsing creative blogs. And now, I want to be an active part of it, rather than just observing...although that will still continue!!

My earliest memory of exercising my creativity was learning to knit (at 6 years old) while staying with my Grandparents in Gore. It was Great Aunt Julia that holiday who sat with me and encouraged me, I can still remember feeling quite despondent that mine didn't look much like hers.
One of the biggest handbrakes for me over the years has been my need for perfection and the disappointment that results when my project didn't turn out how I had imagined. This would generally result in said project being 'shelved' for an indefinite period because  I thought it wasn't any good.
Any yet, I keep yearning to try out different crafts.
I have always loved sewing, but not coming from a sewing background and with my skills limited to Manual classes in Form 1 and 2, I never believed in myself.

I have always had an idea of what I want, and could never quite find it in the stores. But never in my wildest dreams did I think that I should/ could make that.
When J was born, I did revisit my need to create with my hands, and did knit and sew him a number of items, but was very disappointed by the limitations of patterns that  were available in the stores. This is way before blog land and the amazing depth of knowledge and tutorials that are out there.

Then Miss H was born in 2005. There was no time for crafting/sewing etc, with 3 pre schoolers to juggle and a very busy husband, my 'passion' was put on hold or more specifically 'forgotten' about. It was a time of 'just' coping and getting through the everyday.

Miss H is very creative, and so spontaneous. She is not so much a perfectionist, she does love to do things well but if she makes a mistake she turns it into a positive.
I delighted in watching my wee girl exercising her innate ability , drawing, and creating and enjoying her mistakes. At preschool, they invested in a sewing machine, because they wanted to give her an outlet and at 4 years old she made her own skirt.

So she has been my inspiration to get my 'passion' back on track.


Her other favourite thing to do at preschool other than art/ sewing etc was to hung upside down on the jungle gym. Whenever she was outside in the playground thats where she would be.

Each afternoon when I would collect her she would greet me with
" Look at me Mummy I'm up bow sew down" And so a seed was planted...instead of just writing that cute wee saying in her journal, I have dedicated my wee label to her, for re sparking my creativity and encouraging me to take risks and embrace the mistakes. Isn't it amazing how much we can learn from our kids.
The wee upside down girl on the label is her... the pink heart - two things I love.

The blog roll on my blog is the other list of inspiration and encouragement that I needed, thanks to all those amazing people out there, happy to share their knowledge and skills. Without them I would still be sitting on the side of the pool, wanting to join in the fun , but not having the courage to jump in.

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